Have you ordered your GCAA Yearbook yet?

If you like to view photos like this image of the students of the GCAA Dance Ensemble, you're going to love the GCAA Yearbook, which will be filled with vivid color photos. Dancers IMG_7004JJVPhotography_2014-2   [The Dancers include (top row) Jonai Whitehorn, Dani Crivello, Ana Gonzalez, Samiyyah White, Michael Cummings (middle row) Joel Breeden, Zaria McDonald (bottom row) Brianna Ford and Kaley Ford. (not shown: Brittany Smack and Vernesha Jackson).] These photos were taken by JuJu Vieth, who has taken many of the photos that will appear in the first ever GCAA Yearbook.   JuJu is one of many GCAA students who has been working hard to create the Yearbook.  The entire project is being created digitally as part of the Journalism class taught by Travis Armknecht.  The class is currently working overtime to complete the Yearbook on time, including working many evenings. The students will finish submitting the content for the Yearbook in coming weeks.

You can support the GCAA Yearbook project in two ways.

First of all, you can buy a GCAA Yearbook. They are still available for purchase for $35, but the deadline is rapidly approaching.  The GCAA Yearbook (titled "Expression") will feature hundreds of photos and stories about GCAA students. Second, you can purchase a Yearbook Advertisement at this link. The ads come in many sizes (a quarter-page color ad is $50) and you can design your own ad online. P1030035