GCAA Students paint STL. 250th Birthday Cake for the Sheldon Concert Hall

Cake 250 The credit goes to Megan Clayton and her talented crew of art students who designed and painted this 250th Anniversary Cake to commemorate the founding of St. Louis. Participating students included:  Ivy Beckenholdt, Kaitlyn Davis, Brianna Bobo, Stacey Cole, Chloe Ward, Anastasia Roth, Joerdan Carney and Everett Schoenke. The Sheldon staff reached out to us to see if we were interested in painting the cake to be displayed in front of the Sheldon for several months. The only hitch was we had just over a week to do it. No problem. There are 250 cakes scattered throughout the bi-state area. This project is called Cakeway to the West and is  part of that organization's ongoing efforts to celebrate our City's founding and history. For more information,  click here. IMG_0347 GCAA art choir sun