Geometry is for the birds

Perhaps you've noticed the bird houses in the GCAA lobby?  They are the work of students taking geometry. bird houses - GCAAGeometry classes were assigned a project to build a birdhouse applying their knowledge of congruent triangles and parallel and perpendicular planes. The students researched various styles of birdhouses for the particular bird that they chose to house. They also researched the qualifications and education needed to be a carpenter and what math skills were utilized. They sketched a drawing to scale, highlighting dimensions and angles formed. Many students created original designs while others used designs they found in their research. One group used the design of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Kirkwood that we toured in October. bird house 2 They completed the project by submitting a paper with their project describing the methods and tools they used to ensure that they constructed parallel and perpendicular planes. The paper also included information about carpentry, tools and materials used and descriptions of their chosen birds and why their house was appropriate for the habitat in which the bird lives.