GCAA Dancers Soar.

The GCAA High School and Middle School Dancers gave standing room only performance in the 6th Floor Dance Studios over the past two weeks. See the attached programs for the High School and the Middle School events.  JuJu Vieth and I took more photos that we can reasonably display on this post.  Therefore, after you have a chance to see the images below, please do visit the GCAA Flickr site for almost 200 additional photos from the High School and the Middle School dance performance.    Here's the link to the GCAA Flickr site.  Choose the "set" called "Dance," and then look for the many photos, which are in chronological order.   If you'd like to download any image on the GCAA site, click on it, then look for the 3 dots on the column that appears on the right side of the photo, clicking on that icon, then choose "Download." Below, you can watch a few excerpts from the high school performance: [These photos are among more than 1,500 photos documenting GCAA from it's birth in 2010 up to the present. The link to the GCAA Flickr site is at the bottom of the GCAA home page (it is a small box with two dots in it). There are many other sets of GCAA photos available at this same Flickr site, including photos of students from all of the other arts departments.]

IMG_6156 2013_12_09 GCAA Dance HS IMG_6217 2013_12_09 GCAA Dance HS IMG_6275 2013_12_09 GCAA Dance HS IMG_5982 2013_12_09 GCAA Dance HS IMG_6139 2013_12_09 GCAA Dance HS IMG_6148 2013_12_09 GCAA Dance HS IMG_6928 GCAA Dancers Middle School IMG_6997 GCAA Dancers Middle School IMG_7030 GCAA Dancers Middle School IMG_7092 GCAA Dancers Middle School IMG_7160 GCAA Dancers Middle School IMG_7212 GCAA Dancers Middle School small