Photos from the GCAA Craft Fair and Painting Class

On Saturday, November 16. GCAA supplied paint, brushes and canvas as part of a fundraiser for those seeking to create paintings. This class was taught by GCAA teachers Kandy Giles and David Spiguzza, and all proceeds benefited the Visual Arts department. Across the hall, the north side cafeteria was filled with a craft fair featuring numerous artists from the GCAA community. In addition to these larger photos immediately below, I have attached numerous additional images from these events in the form of a thumbnail gallery at the bottom of this post. IMG_4480 GCAA Craft show - paintingIMG_4462 GCAA Craft show - painting IMG_4337 GCAA Craft show - paintingIMG_4416 GCAA Craft show - painting   IMG_4503 GCAA Craft show - painting     IMG_4320 GCAA Craft show - painting   IMG_4392 GCAA Craft show - painting