Simply Strings Concert Up Close

I've been covering GCAA events for the website for the past year, collecting stories, images and videos, but it has usually been at somewhat of a distance. Last night, at the Simply Strings Concert, I decided to take my camera down near the ground at the edge of the orchestra in an attempt to better capture the focus and intensity of the GCAA performers. It was energizing to see the eyes of the performers up close.

IMG_4058 GCAA simply strings

IMG_4121 GCAA simply strings

IMG_4147 GCAA simply strings

Those who attended know that the 6th -10th grade GCAA musicians created some impressive music. Here is the entire written program. I managed to record two of the pieces and I combined them with almost 70 images of the students. Here is the result: If you would like high res versions of any of these photos, visit the GCAA Flickr Account, focusing on the Instrumental Music "Set" (Scroll near the bottom of that Instrumental Music set for last night's performance). IMG_4170 GCAA simply strings   IMG_4195 GCAA simply strings After the performance, I asked Damen Martin for his comments on the performance. Here is what he had to say: