Trees and Leaves Decorate GCAA Lobby

Check out the GCAA lobby artwork display based on trees and leaves. Yesterday, I found myself mesmerized by the new display of three types of works in the GCAA lobby.  As I viewed the art, I could they that three general types are display: A) Black and white drawings of trees, B) Vivid color paintings and C) Tree sculptures created from aluminum wire.

IMG_2452 zoo GCAA

These creations were compelling works to me--I wanted to know more.  Principal Lynne Glickert and Director of Arts and Community Partnerships, Dan Rubright, just happened to walk by at that moment. They told me that the students who created these were only 7th and 8th graders, and that they were being taught by Mr. David Spiguzza.  I then tracked down Mr. Spiguzza, who offered me this background regarding these creations:

The tree sculptures were inspired by artist Roxy Paine. We used scrap wire and pieces of fire wood for the bases. Students did a series of drawings first in pencils and we put them up in the hallway and had a discussion about the structure of trees. We then did the reverse using white color pencil on black paper before we did the actual wire sculpture. The wire looks as though it would be easy to bend but the students had to use pliers because the wire is quit stiff. The students were very involved and pleased with the finish product. I think they will look at trees in a whole different way from now on.

The same group of students did these amazing drawings. I brought in different leaves from my garden and we laid them out on paper and spray painted over them to give the bases for the drawings. Students were encouraged to look for shapes they could enhance using the outlines provided by nature.

Students were pleased with the final projects and I think they look fantastic!

After learning this additional information, I revisited the color paintings and noticed, sure enough, they were also based on leaves.  I photographed many of these works and I am posting them below in thumbnail form.  If you’d like to see these photos blown up in high resolution, just click on the images. IMG_2462 zoo GCAA IMG_2461 zoo GCAA IMG_2460 zoo GCAA IMG_2459 zoo GCAA IMG_2458 zoo GCAA IMG_2457 zoo GCAA IMG_2455 zoo GCAA IMG_2454 zoo GCAA IMG_2453 zoo GCAA IMG_2452 zoo GCAA IMG_2451 zoo GCAA IMG_2450 zoo GCAA IMG_2449 zoo GCAA IMG_2473 zoo GCAA IMG_2472 zoo GCAA IMG_2471 zoo GCAA IMG_2469 zoo GCAA IMG_2467 zoo GCAA IMG_2463 zoo GCAA