A story is worth 1,000 pictures

What is the story of Grand Center Arts Academy? My family was lucky to be a "founding" family. We were here from Day One, and because it was such a compelling and evolving place, we started taking photos, not knowing that two of us (JuJu and I) would become quite active with filling the website with our photos.  In those early days, Visual Arts teacher (and professional photographer) Jess Dewes also captured quite a few photos.


More recently, it has occurred to me that an institution's website fills at least an important as the institution's historical archive. After a recent discussion with Dan Rubright, we decided that GCAA should make its photos more accessible to everyone in the GCAA community. This took a lot of work to round up the photos that had been published in the website. I guarantee that I didn't find all of those photos in my possession, though I tracked down many of them. Further, there are many other photos out there (taken by others) that I have never possessed. Nevertheless, I gathered more than 1,000 photos spanning the 3+ years of GCAA's existence and uploaded them to Flickr at this location. Here's the URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gcaa-images/   In short, you now have access to about 1,000 photos covering about 1,000 days of GCAA's existence.  Many of these are uploaded in high-res format. If you looked at each of 1,000 photos for only 5 seconds, it would take you much more than an hour to work your way through the photo history of GCAA.   I'm predicting that this will be an enjoyable trip down memory lane. Here's a segue regarding social media:  The bottom of the GCAA homepage contains four links to social media, including the GCAA Facebook Page, the Flickr Page described in this article and the GCAA Youtube Channel.  Here's what the links look like, for your easy reference: GCAA social media buttons When you visit the GCAA photo archive, you'll notice that the photos have been broken into sets, including the following set, which you can view separately: Academics Administration Dance Early GCAA Photos First Night GCAA Buildings Jess Dewes' Photos


Makerspace Music - Instrumental Music - Vocal Visual Arts Theater If you have some high quality photos that you would like to add to this Flickr archive, you are invited to send them to me. In looking through these photos, you might occasionally recognize the image of teacher or administrator who no longer works at GCAA.  I recently discussed this issue with Lynne Glickert, and we decided that there should be a page recognizing the efforts of all former faculty and staff of GCAA.  That page is located right off the top menu for "Current Student," and slides off from the main "Faculty and Staff Page."   We've titled it "Alumni Faculty/Staff of GCAA."  [I'd like to give special attention to credits.  The photos on the Flickr account are not labeled with the photographer's names.  Some camera data can be seen by clicking on photos, however, and this offers a big clue.  Most of the photos taken with a Canon SD1200SI, a Panasonic DMC-LX5 or a Canon t4i were taken by JuJu Vieth.   Most of my photos were taken with a Canon SD1100SI, a Canon S95 or a Canon 7D.   The photos taken by Jess Dewes are mostly gathered in the set labeled with her name.  Also, Jess tends to use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.]