What is GCAA? Six Short Videos Discuss GCAA’s Arts and Academics Programs

Grand Center Arts Academy is getting to be an increasingly large and energetic community of students, faculty and parents, all with a central mission of "education."Lynn Glickert   What does that term mean, though, in the context of a public school focused on the arts?  It means many things to the many people involved in the GCAA community.   Covering these topics is an engaging discussion that draws from many perspectives. Principal Lynne Glickert discussed these issues with me in early September.  Given the many sub-topics, it shouldn't be surprising that the conversation was extended, and I've divided the interview into six parts. Each of these videos is sprinkled with images of GCAA students and faculty in an effort to illustrate some of the issues discussed by Principal Glickert.  The six video segments cover these topics:
  • Overview
  • Academics
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts
    GCAA hdr I hope you enjoy viewing these videos as much as I enjoyed making this them. Erich Vieth (Father of GCAA 10th Grader, JuJu Vieth)