What is a Makerspace? [Video]

Many of us have heard that Andrew Goodin serves as Facilitator to GCAA's new Makerspace.   But what is a Makerspace?  According to the GCAA Makerspace website:

Makerspaces are collaborative workshops where young people gain practical hands-Makerspace photo - lo reson experience with new technologies and innovative processes to design and build projects. They provide a flexible environment where learning is made physical by applying science, technology, math, and creativity to solve problems and build things.

– Makerspace Playbook:  School Edition. On August 30, I sat down to with Andrew Goodin to get more details.  My guiding question was "What is a Makerspace?"  It turns out that this question is fully answered only by spending time in the GCAA Makerspace, but in this comprehensive video, Andrew Goodin offers an clear description illustrated by many scenes from the new GCAA Makerspace: All GCAA students are welcome to use the Makerspace, as follows: -During zero-hour.  7:00-7:50AM -During study hall (with a signed Makerspace pass from the study hall teacher.) -During class “flex time” (i.e. after a test, finished with an assignment, etc. with a signed Makerspace pass) -As part of a scheduled class accompanied by a teacher (to utilize the space for a project) -For middle school students with transportation needs from 2:30-3:00PM (see Mr. Frig for approval)