A thousand stories every week at GCAA

I've been trying to promote many aspects of GCAA ever since this website was launched one year ago.  Covering everything that happens under GCAA's roof, however, is KSDK interviewextremely difficult given the large number of students and the even larger number of activities.  The phrase "a thousand stories every week" repeatedly occurred to me last year and eventually motivated me to create and lead the Website Reporting Club.  We employed the energies of a small group of GCAA students to capture GCAA stories, and the students responded by covering numerous stories that you can read here.  That club gave us more eyes and ears, helping us in our quest to turn GCAA inside out to show you why this school is, indeed, magic. GCAA photos aug 28-62013-2014 is a brand new school year offering us many new stories to report.  As was the case last year, we again invite all members of the GCAA community, teachers, students and parents to let us know about things you find newsworthy about GCAA.   If you have an idea or a story we want to know about it.  "We" are the three parent-volunteer webmasters of this website:  Mindy Carney, Debbie Heagle and Erich Vieth.  Be warned, however:  if you suggest a story or idea, we will ask you to write up the story, provide a concise descriptive title, and try to provide at least one or two high quality photos. Don't let any of that discourage you, however. If you have a story for this website, we sincerely invite you to wear the hat of citizen journalist.  To the extent that you help "feed the monster" that this website has become, everyone in the GCAA community will benefit. I was reminded to write this post today when Ms. Nez Savala of Confluence Academies Drew Cowell - Choirprovided me with a group of photos that she recently took at GCAA.  As you can see from her photos (posted throughout this article), television station KSDK has been in our building conducting interviews.  The Makerspace was going full tilt.  GCAA students were working hard at both academics and the arts that drew all of us to this school in the first place. The following photos tell some of these stories better than my words, so I will end with a photo gallery: