Keith Williams and Co. to Perform at Laumeier Sculpture Park, 6 p.m. Thursday, August 8.

Edge   Keith Williams, the new head of GCAA's dance and theater departments and his troupe will perform a new choreographed dramatic work, "Life at the River’s Edge" in celebration of Laumeier’s current exhibition, The River Between Us. GCAA dance students, Ana Gonzalez and Michael Cummings are part of the ensemble as is Chivas Merchant-Buckman, a new dance teacher at GCAA.  The event is free to the public and visitors are invited to bring picnics and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings as well. Below is an excerpt of the press release from Laumeier Sculpture Park about the event. ST. LOUIS – In celebration of Laumeier’s current exhibition, The River Between Us, drawing to a close in St. Louis and packing its bags for the second half of this traveling presentation in New Orleans, Laumeier is inviting the public to a performance by dancer/choreographer/director Keith Williams and Innervision Dance Theater on Thursday, August 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. In honor of the historical connections between St. Louis and New Orleans, the troupe will bring another form of experimentation to the Park. Williams and Innervision will perform their choreographed dramatic work, Life at the River’s Edge, depicting the lives of people and communities impacted by the Mississippi River. Williams studied with Katherine Dunham, a local ground-breaking dancer, choreographer, anthropologist and human rights activist. Williams holds a BS, MS, MFA/Directing with an emphasis in Arts Management and is the head of dance and theater at Grand Center Arts Academy.