Call for MakerSpace Supplies

This year the library space on the 3rd floor has been transformed into a "Makerspace." A Makerspace is a collaborative workshop for students to use their artistic abilities to solve real-world problems in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students who access the space will utilize a wide array of prototyping tools including a 3D printing, circuitry, and computer programming.
Image by Costa007 at  Used with permission.

Image by Costa007 at Used with permission.

How is a Makerspace supplied? In part, by members of the GCAA community: teachers, parents and students, and their friends and families. You might well have some valuable Makerspace materials in your own home. As Students tinker in the Makerspace, it will be important that they have a wealth of “junk” from which to prototype their inventions. Your support collecting the materials listed below is greatly appreciated. While these items will contribute to the creative learning experience of our students, please don’t feel as if you must purchase any of these materials. What follows is a partial list: --‐Dry Erase Markers --‐Plastic bowls, buckets, trays, small plastic containers w/ lids --‐Yarn, ribbon, rope, and thread --‐Small “junk drawer” items (shells, buttons, corks, marbles, CDs, etc.) --‐Craft materials (felt, popsicle sticks, markers, crayons, pencils, etc.) --Circuitry (resistors, buzzers, LEDs, colored wire, DC motors, working batteries, gator clips, etc.) --‐LEGO/K’Nex/Erector Set --‐Clay/Play-doh --‐Broken Toys/Electronics --‐Containers with lids (coffee, oatmeal, shoeboxes) --‐Tape (masking, packing, duct, painters, and electrical) --‐Ziploc Bags --‐Office Supplies (binder & paperclips, fasteners, file folders, envelopes) --‐Paper (construction, lined, mailing labels, etc.) --‐Extension cords & power strips Thank you for your support, Andrew Goodin Makerspace Facilitator Grand Center Arts Academy