GCAA picnic paves the way for 2013-2014

More than a few families new to GCAA attended the July 12 picnic in the grassy area across from the school.  It was an opportunity for them to meet with some of the established GCAA families, as well as with various members of the GCAA administration and faculty.   A great time was had by all, well at least for the most part.  While taking the group photos, the moods of those attending shifted dramatically, almost minute by minute, it seemed. IMG_3283 GCAA picnic groupIMG_3271 GCAA picnic group

IMG_3278 GCAA picnic group

As you can see from these photos, there was a good sized crowd, and we did have a great time getting to know the families new to GCAA.   Feel free to click on the thumbnail gallery below for a lot more photos.

IMG_3634 GCAA picnicIMG_3322 GCAA picnic

IMG_3454 GCAA picnic

IMG_3517 GCAA picnic

IMG_3535 GCAA picnic Two of GCAA's newest teachers also attended.  On the left (below) is Andrew Goodin (MakerSpace Manager) and on the right is Mike Howe (Chemistry).

IMG_3293 GCAA picnicIMG_3292 GCAA picnic