GCAA Chess Players Compete in National Tournament

This past weekend, Grand Center sent a group of 4 girls (current students Diamond Abdus-Shakoor and Isabel Brieler, along with incoming 6th graders Sophie Brieler and Lillian Selligman) to the Girls National Chess Tournament in Chicago. Facing extremely tough competition from California to New York, the girls fought hard and ended with a 4th place finish with 8 points, only one point behind the third place team, and 2 points behind the first and second place teams. Diamond and Isabel finished 3-3, and Diamond also brought home a trophy in the bughouse (2 player chess) competition. In an activity where boys often outnumber girls 10 to 1, Grand Center's female majority and top players are a rarity. In the chess team's first official year, we trophied at several tournaments, gathering the attention of many of the established chess schools. Chris Corriveau, Galen Selligman, Delia Asher, and Jackson Shiermeier were our other core members. We look forward to next year, as we will most certainly continue to grow and develop. [This article was written by Jay Brieler]