"All the world’s a stage," and from April 20th through May 2nd, various GCAA students will be acting on that stage. These 8th and 9th grade students participating in Shakespeare Festival St. Louis’ productions of WINNING JULIET and METROYOUTH SHAKESPEARE will be adding their own style of acting to some of Shakespeare’s greatest works. [GCAA 7th Grader Magnolia Mulvihill of the GCAA Website Reporting Club wrote this article and took these photos]. WINNING JULIET, written by Elizabeth Birkenmeier and Christopher Limber, and directed by GCAA Theatre Instructor Emily Kohring, is an original play about a new girl at Stratford High who competes with the popular girl at the school for the role of Juliet. A cyber-mystery unfolds in which a video of a student’s suicide goes viral on social media. This play informs students about the consequences of bullying using social media and the power of Shakespeare. The play features music and singing. Rachelle Martin, a 9th grade GCAA student in WINNING JULIET says, ‘’The song ‘Friend Me’ describes the entire play’’ and how all the characters care about is how they look on Facebook. Sariah Henning, an 8th grade GCAA actor who is also performing in WINNING JULIET, says the play has a food chain of popularity in it. By this she means that the most popular student is at the top, and if anything happens to that person there’s someone to take their place.   Performances of WINNING JULIET will be: 8PM Friday & Saturday April 26 & 27 and May 3 & 4 at The Little Theater at Clayton High School. Adult tickets cost $8.00. 18 and under are $5.00. Tickets can be purchased online at Shakespeare Festival St. Louis. About 100 GCAA students will attend a school matinee of WINNING JULIET on Tuesday, April 30 at 11:00 a.m.     GCAA 9th graders in METROYOUTH Shakespeare will be performing scenes from TWELFTH NIGHT, one of Shakespeare’s great comedies. They have been working with Christopher Limber of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis and Mr. Conners, theater teacher at GCAA, since February. Students from seven other high schools in the St. Louis area will also be performing in these scenes. METROYOUTH Shakespeare is patterned after a similar program at London’s Globe Theatre. This semester-long program inspires students to get excited about Shakespeare.     Performances of TWELFTH NIGHT will be held on Friday, April 20 at 8:00 pm, and Saturday, April 21 at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm at the Emerson Center at Harris Stowe State University. Admission is free. The GCAA students performing in these two plays are as follows: WINNING JULIET Leo Ramsey 9th grade Aevion Dancy 9th grade Rachelle Martin 9th grade Sariah Henning 8th grade Zoe Achilleus 9th grade Tyler Smith 9th grade TWELFTH NIGHT (These are all 9th graders) Antonio Mosley Daniel Schmidt Maria Peña Lilja Michaud Dariyun Franklin-Leonard Hunter Holtzmann India Cooper Joseph Pirrie--student director