More Bass for GCAA

“This is better than Christmas morning,” say GCAA’s David Hayworth to Mike Thaman, Managing Director and CEO of Warson Capital Partners.  Mr. Thaman came to GCAA to pass on his personal upright bass he used to play.  This beautiful upright bass was in immaculate condition and is ready for David to be the next musician to enjoy it. David who is also a percussionist will now be learning the bass and gaining all the benefits a stringed instrument can bring:  increased communication skills, higher performance on standardized tests, better coordination, and better discipline.  Mr. Martin, GCAA’s instrumental teacher knows that for David it will bring him the joy and pride of doing something well and he is excited that David wants to expand upon his interest in classical and jazz. Thanks Mr. Thaman from all of us at Grand Center Arts Academy, you’ve made a difference in a student’s life!