DanceWorks Chicago Master Class

This past Tuesday, February 19th, our 9th grade dancers had the incredible opportunity to take class from several of the DanceWorks Chicago company members. DanceWorks Chicago was in St. Louis performing a collaborative project with the St. Louis Symphony at Powell Hall, which these students were able to attend on Wednesday morning. Our dancers very much enjoyed the performance of Magical Movements and felt special to know the dancers on stage personally, having just taken class from them the day before. Throughout Tuesday’s class, our 9th grade dancers were exposed to a unique fusion of modern and hip-hop. The class was taught in three high-energy sections, with two different DanceWorks company members teaching each: warm-up, across the floor, and repertory choreography. The last 15 minutes of class were spent in a question and answer session which left our dancers with knowledge of dance career pathways and excellent advice about work ethic, schooling possibilities, and the importance of technique. We are so thankful to DanceWorks Chicago and Julie Nakagawa, Artistic Director, for volunteering their time and sharing their passion with the dance students of GCAA. By the end of class we were all feeling incredibly inspired and energized! Check out the amazing photos from class here! For more information about DanceWorks Chicago, find them on Facebook or visit their website.