7th Grade Poetry Slam

Cynthia Crawford

The 7th Grade found another way artists can express themselves last Friday by having a poetry slam. This all started with a poetry unit in Mrs. Yost’s 7th grade communication arts classroom. After hearing many creative and passionate poems in class, Mrs. Yost decided to have a grade-wide poetry slam. But Mrs. Yost didn't stop there, with the help from school librarian, Ms. Johnson, the 7th graders were also able to hear poems from St. Louis poet, Cynthia Crawford. She entertained the 7th graders with poems she has written throughout her career. After the 7th Graders were able to see how a professional presents poems, they got to share some of their poems. Ms Crawford and the GCAA parents who attended indicated that the 7th graders really represented our school well. Many of those who attended expressed how creative and imaginative our students really are. [This article and the following photos by GCAA 9th Grader Joel Breeden of the Website Reporting Club].