Getting to Know Mrs. York

[By Joerdan Carney, Abi Gray, and Magnolia Mulvihill of the GCAA Website Reporting Club]. This past Friday evening, three student reporters interviewed Carol York, GCAA's sixth grade science teacher. She's been a science teacher at GCAA for three years, ''I was here at the very beginning.''

Ms. Carol York

For the first year she taught the sixth graders Life Science, now she teaches them Earth Science, which is exciting for her because she has always had an interest in geology. ''We just finished a unit on geologic time, and we'll be starting a unit on aquatic ecosystems.'' Mrs. York believes in hands-on learning. She plans to have the kids grow plants, do water testing, and go fishing! Mrs. York enjoys teaching at GCAA because ''a lot of people can think outside the box.'' She likes how students creatively present their learning. Even though Mrs. York doesn't have an artistic background, her children do. She has a daughter who's an art major in college, and another that is a dancer. Mrs. York is a phenomenal teacher!