Dance Department Potluck Thursday: Please Read!

Our Dance Department Potluck Fundraiser is this Thursday, January 17th, between 5:30-7:30 p.m..  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to donate food and supplies for this fundraiser! Please note: We can accept CASH ONLY for admission and raffles.  Please be aware that we cannot accept checks.  The cost for admission is as follows:  $5 per adult and $3 per child/student.  There will be a $20 maximum fee for large families, but only immediate family members, please. For those donating dry supplies (plates, cups, utensils, etc.) - You may drop these off beginning Wednesday morning in the office. For those donating food items: Please bring them with you Thursday night beginning at 5 p.m..  If you have serving utensils to go with your food that would be excellent.  Please label all food containers and utensils! Questions? Contact one of the dance teachers via email. THANK YOU! Let's make this night a huge success!