Recent Article In the Post Dispatch on Missouri’s New School Rating System: A Correction

There was an article printed in the Post Dispatch today highlighting new changes to Missouri's rating system for all schools in the state. There was no distinction made between GCAA and the other Confluence schools giving the impression that the score published reflected our school's rating. It does not. GCAA is part of the Confluence School network, but was not included in this study.  We will not complete our third year in operation until the end of this year, one of the stipulations required for being included in this study.    Also, the other four Confluence schools are sponsored by University of Missouri, Rolla and GCAA is sponsored by SLU. Although we are part of the Confluence structure, we are a separate LEA (Local Education Authority) making us unique among the other schools. Our attendance rate is in the upper 90 percent range, and our MAP scores were among the highest of any charter schools in the City.