Announcing GCAA Fund Drive to Grow the School

[Note: When donating through PayPal, you need to spell out "Saint" in "Saint Louis."   You will get an error message if you type in "St. Louis."] Dear GCAA families and friends: Join us in expanding our dream and keeping GCAA growing. There is no wrapping paper to sell and no pleading with relatives to buy cookie dough. Rather, this is a straightforward appeal that has every dollar going straight to the students starting next semester. Additional resources mean additional opportunities--right away, as explained by Lynne Glickert in the following video: It wasn’t long ago when Lynne Glickert was telling some potential parents and local community leaders about the sort of school she aimed to create. There was no school yet--no students, no building. She was beautifully selling a future dream by waving her hands in passionate gestures and pointing to a few drawings on an easel. That was the winter of 2010. That was the beginning of our story and now we are onto a new chapter, helping the school to grow with your financial support. Funds will be used for adjunct faculty, basic supplies for each of the five talent areas and for after-school programs like guitar classes, media courses, art projects, filmmaking, science, poetry and reading clubs. With the help of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends, we can achieve our goal. There is no better investment than an investment in our children. You can make your donation in either of two ways: 1) Send your donation to GCAA in response to Lynne Glickert’s appeal packet (which you will receive in the U.S. mail this week) or 2 ) Click on the Paypal “Donate” Button immediately below to make an online donation by using your credit card.
[Note: When donating through PayPal, you need to spell out "Saint" in "Saint Louis."   You will get an error message if you type in "St. Louis."] We appreciate all the hard work on the part of many parents who have helped and are continuing to help by volunteering for school performances, running concessions, supporting teachers and being there for us. Each and every dollar raised is vital and we thank you for your passion and positive energy. We acknowledge the diligence of faculty members who have been working to raise their own funds with the help of booster clubs and individuals who have reached out to help. Many of these efforts will and should continue in harmony with this campaign. For example, we know that equipping our music department with a full lineup of instruments will take many additional thousands of dollars, and time to make happen. Fully outfitting our 6th floor theater room into a professional black box theater will also require additional resources. We understand that the financial needs for some departments will be different, but that all of our departments have important needs. When we are considering our children and their future, no gift is too large, but neither is any gift too small. If we received $180 per student for each of our 433 students (this is about one dollar per school day), we could bridge the gap. We will be equitable in supporting our arts departments with immediate resources that will help them all, concentrating first on the items that have been identified by staff and teachers as the most critical. We will be updating this list in cooperation with our teachers and sharing this with you in the coming days. Thank you for your support to keep GCAA growing. Dan Rubright Director of Arts and Community Partnerships Grand Center Arts Academy P.S. Very much in the spirit of this Fund Drive to benefit the students, I’d also like to share one more video, this one created by GCAA 9th grader JuJu Vieth. JuJu’s aim was to share the enthusiasm she and her fellow students feel for GCAA.