Pilobolus Dance Theater Residency

For the past three weeks, several of our dancers had the incredible opportunity to take master classes with Pilobolus every day after school. Pilobolus, a company renowned for its “imaginative and athletic exploration of creative collaboration,” offered a residency to GCAA through Dance St. Louis and we are so grateful for the opportunity. This truly is a once in a lifetime chance for our dancers. Throughout the three weeks, students studied with several members of the <em>Pilobolus</em> company, focusing on collaboration, innovation, improvisation, and discovering new ways to move through space using every person in the room and every part of the body. Our dancers also attended a special performance by <em>Pilobolus</em> on Friday, November 9.  While at the performance they were able to watch the company perform several of their pieces and also participate in a question and answer session.  The purpose of this trip was to “explore how what we often think of as limitations are actually opportunities to solve problems and overcome challenges.” Overall, this experience has allowed for noticeable change and growth in our dancers.  We have watched them transform and evolve as artists and creative thinkers in just three weeks.  Amazing! Check out this slideshow of the classes: A special ‘THANK YOU’ to Dance St. Louis for collaborating with us to provide this opportunity!