About the All Hallows Eve Concert

The students in the GCAA orchestra program faced some challenging goals in preparing for the All Hallow's Eve Concert, including emphasis on minor keys, accidentals, sound effects and position work. They’ve been working hard at all of these things while having a great time. Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of year, especially the music. It has been great finding pieces that incorporate all of these hurdles. Strings are vital in making any situation seem eerie or spooky. One of the techniques our students have mastered is glissando. This technique can be executed in several ways to produce the desired effect. Tremolo is another great technique responsible for creating a feeling of uneasiness. All of these can be heard in the piece, “Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space.” Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a scare tale or two. This year we asked Caitlyn Blassie, a 9th grader, to be our narrator. She wonderfully read the short story by D L. Martin, “Johnny Jinx” and the classic, “Who Do You Come For?” from “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” The fusion of music and the spoken word is just one way we are adamant in incorporating the academics to the performing arts. Those who attended our Hallow’s Eve Concert know that it included a visual impact as well as a musical impact. Mrs. Megan Clayton in the Visual Arts department encouraged some of her students to work on some of the beautiful, yet creepy, decorations. The marriage of the visual and the audial truly heightened the over-all experience. It is so heart-warming seeing my orchestras setting goals and then exceeding them! These first few weeks have really challenged my students to play with consistent good posture and left hand position. They are on their way. We hope that you enjoyed this year’s Hallows Eve Concert and that you consider joining us for our Combined Department concert, the “Hanging of the Greens,” December 3rd. This upcoming event will feature the Choirs, Band, Orchestra and more Visual Art! Musically, Mr. Martin