Dance Dept Visits Lindenwood

Last Friday, several of our 9th grade dancers attended High School Dance Day at Lindenwood University. Throughout the day these dancers took classes in contemporary dance and ballet with some of Lindenwood’s professors. After class, our dancers were able to meet with current Lindenwood dance students to ask questions regarding the dance program and just exactly what dancing in college means. They also took a tour of the theater and some of Lindenwood’s campus. Each student received free tickets to the dance concert that night. What a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience a glimpse into life as a college dancer! Thoughts from some of our 9th graders: “I thought the trip was really great. Dance isn’t really something I thought of pursuing as an actual career, but this trip made me look at it in a different way and opened my mind to that as an option. The teachers and other students were awesome. I liked the way it all meshed together.” -Bella P. “It was a new experience for me, having never visited a dance college. I was really surprised on how everything was set up, including all the food choices in the cafeteria. I liked that the teachers tried to work with you instead of change your dance style.” –Zaria “I thought it was a very good learning experience. I liked how there were various levels in the class, but everyone was still able to learn from it and enjoy it. I liked that we got to talk to some of the current students to see what they thought about the university. We also got to go around and see what our typical day would be like if we were students. I really liked all the teachers and how they had their own way of teaching.” –Winnie “I liked how the current students we talked to were honest about what they thought of the school. They told us their honest opinion, which we needed to hear. I also think it’s great that they teach all the dance styles.” -Channce