GCAA Choir, Soloists sing their hearts out at Event…

On Sunday, October 21st, about fourteen members of Mr. Cowell’s middle school choir performed at the new Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry which serves families in need regardless of religious affiliation. The event was coordinated by Phyllis Weiss of Musen, Steinbach and Weiss, an advertising and public relations firm which has worked with GCAA over the last two years.

Asher Benrubi, better known as Smash, leader of the Smash Band, a locally well known band,  MC’d the event which was…very positive indeed. A number of politicians and VIP’s were in attendance. (continued below)

An unusual setting challenged GCAA’s young singers however.  The venue was actually a warehouse space with four concrete walls, concrete floors, a shrill sound system and a noisy sound wall of ambient noise. But something cool happened. A remarkable performance broke out.  Did someone forget to tell Mr. Cowell and his heart-filled singers that they weren’t in Carnegie Hall? It was a beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon when most people were out enjoying the summer-ish weather.  Not these singers.  They were ready.  You could feel the spirit, the pride they had just before their performance.  Then the music started and the choir owned the room.  Three soloists, Darren Tucker, Caitlyn Blassie and Alex Betts sang flawlessly, full out.  Maybe it was the Apollo Theater?

Smash, a singer and bandleader of many years, was glowing with praise for our talented singers and suggested that we have some of our students sit in when his band does a big public performance in the future.

What a gig, what a day.  What a cause.