Prepping and Partying

On the evening of October 13, 2012, the second floor of GCAA was rocking. The occasion was the Homecoming Party for the 9th Grade, GCAA's first high school class. Before the party could occur, a large team of 9th graders prepared the second floor with the help of the following members of the faculty: Rebecca Irving, Fred Warren, Travis Armknecht, Jake Becker, Donna Black, Sara Kenzie and Laura Nunez Clithero. These preparations included creative painting of the space and stringing thousands of lights across the ceiling. The party itself required the volunteer efforts of numerous students and faculty, as well as many parents (including Angie Freesmeier and Jennifer Kampfe). A special mention goes to Dave and Debbie Heagle, who hauled considerable equipment to the party to provide the music and dance floor lighting.From left to right, GCAA Principal Lynne Glickert, along with many of the faculty members who worked hard to make the Homecoming Party a success: Jake Becker, Laura Nunez Clithero, Rebecca Irving, Travis Armknecht and Fred Warren. Based on the smiles, the party was a big success. 9th Grader JuJu Vieth took numerous photos of the preparations and the party, and these photos (along with a couple by 9th Grader Joerdan Carney) are presented on this page on the Slide Show immediately below: