Sneak Preview of “A Very Perfect Crime” at The Tivoli, 7:00 p.m. Thurs., Oct. 27

Ever been to a movie that no one has ever seen? You are invited to a sneak preview of a new film, "A Perfect Crime,"  which was produced, written and directed by  by Pat Pinkston.  The story which includes robbery, betrayal and murder...  stars Jason Cannon, Angie Freesmeier (a parent a GCAA) Joe Hanrahan, Dick Pointer, Joe Hammerstone, and Chad Bockholdt as “Mr. Green”
When and Where:
7:00 P.M., THURSDAY, OCT 25  THE TIVOLI on Delmar
Tickets are limited and will be available though the Tivoli after Monday the 15th
 Here's a link to purchase tickets!