Flu Shot Updates from Nurse Mason

Flu Shots will be given at GCAA from 8:30-10:30 A.M. on Monday, October 29th.  For more information from Confluence Schools about the flu shots please click here.
Here is an important updated announcement from Nurse Mason about the flu-shots:
1.       PLEASE KEEP YOUR STUDENTS HOME WHEN THEY ARE SICK.  We have several viruses going around our school right now and it is very important that when your child is sick, they stay home. Here are the symptoms I am seeing
a.      Cold like symptoms – stuffy/runny noses, sore throat, sleepiness, and sometimes headache and general just does not feel good. This one often presents without a fever, but it may develop later.
b.      Flu like symptoms – stomach ache, muscle aches, headache, sore throat and general not feeling well. This one also often presents without a fever which may develop later.
2.      I have just learned that Confluence Academy is going to pay for ANY STUDENT at GCAA to receive the flu vaccination – whether they qualify for the Vaccine for Children program or not. If you wish for your child to receive the flu vaccination, please fill out the form your child brought home on Tuesday and return to school as soon as possible.If you do not have a consent form, please call the nurse at 314-533-1791 and request one.
Thank you,
Gayle Mason, RN
School Nurse