‘West Side Story’ Master Class

We have many exciting opportunities unfolding for our dancers this year! Our first master class happened with incredible success on September 19th, when Brandon Hudson from the International Touring company of West Side Story came in to work with many of our 8th and 9th grade dancers. He taught a vigorous warm-up followed by selections of choreography from the show. We are so thankful to Brandon for sharing his experience and expertise, knowing that our dancers walked away feeling empowered and energized. When asked about their experience, students responded with statements such as: “It made me feel really excited and helped me learn about what you need to do to get on Broadway. I learned to perform choreography the way the choreographer intended and add feeling into the dance.” – Vernisha J.     “I really enjoyed how he taught us and how he accepted any questions. I really liked talking to him at the end to figure out things we can do to help using our careers and our future.” – Joel B. “It was fun to see how different people teach and hear their own opinions on dance and different styles.” - Winnie “I really liked the class because he taught us some of the movements from the show and we actually got to feel like we were part of the production.” – Michael C. “I thought it was really cool that we got to work with an actual Broadway performer.” - Lexi “It was a great experience because it’s good to take classes from people you don’t take from every day. Also, because he was on Broadway and shared his experience of being a professional dancer.” - Bella “It was a different experience all together because I’ve never done a mixture of jazz and musical theater quite like that before. It made me feel like I was learning to perform a professional dance.” -Dominique