Parents! We need your help to make Homecoming special!

From Rebecca Irving and the Homecoming Committee: We are looking for help from parents in the form of money donations, appetizer donations, specific frozen drink donations, decorations, chaperones, photography, DJs and any other help you would like to give us. We are in need of money donations very quickly for buying decorations and other supplies. We are charging for the dance, too. This is the first event specially planned for our high schoolers.  Each year, it will be for all the high school classes - something for the middle-schoolers to look forward to attending when they get to high school.  We want it to be memorable, and we appreciate the help and involvement our great group of parents can offer! We will fund raise for this event in the future, but since this is the first year of our high school, our event fund is zero. We will take any suggestions on how to acquire the money necessary to cover this dance! Thank you so much for your help.