Students Elect GCAA’s First Student Council Officers

On Friday, September 7th, GCAA held its first ever Student Council elections. The goal of Student Council is to plan events and fundraisers for the entire student body.  Student Council will be made up of four officers (treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president) from grades 6-9, as well as one delegate from each advisory class who will serve as a liaison between the advisory and the Student Council. Students running for officer positions presented fabulous speeches to their classmates on Friday, including why they would make a good officer and exciting ideas they have for the school. After the school-wide vote, we can now announce our 2012-2013 Student Council officers!  Congratulations to the following students: 9th Grade: President: Lilja Michaud Vice President: Kala Johnson Secretary: Bella Pittman Treasurer: Samara Whisenton 8th Grade: President: Brianna Berggren Vice President: Akyrah Paulette Secretary: Kelly Mitchell Treasurer: Caitlyn Blassie
7th Grade:
President: Madelyn Dozer
Vice President: Anna Stimac
Secretary: Riana Sanders
Treasurer: Noelle Roth 6th Grade: President: Cassandra Berggren Vice President: Jaela Love Secretary: Pashara Travis Treasurer: Chris Corriveau Best of luck to all on their inaugural year!