Physical Sciences are in full gear

Galileo: The Father of the modern scientific method. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

In 9th grade sciences we are starting the year off with a quick review of the scientific method (which was taught last year to our returning students). We are moving at an accelerated pace since it SHOULD be review for ALL 8th graders, but a refresher is always nice and I like for my new students to be familiar with my language, as well as teaching styles before moving into more difficult content. Today was our first TEST! This is a big deal, because this year I am using Standards Based Grading for all my classes. (A letter regarding the specifics of how SBG works was sent home to parents with the expectation that the attached sheet be signed and returned; ask your student about it if you haven't seen that yet). The test covered variables, observations, inferences, research questions, hypothesis, and tools. Hopefully I'll have it graded by the end of the week and ready to be posted when Infinite Campus goes live. From this point on, 9th grade science should be running in full operational mode. I look forward to the successes we will be accomplishing. As Always, Mr. Warren
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