A Short Video History of GCAA

GCAA has only been around since 2010, but we are in our third year and a lot has already happened. Some of those moments have been captured by short videos. It seemed like a good time to put some of those videos in one place, both for those of you who are new to GCAA and for those of us who would like to reminisce. Here are some of those GCAA videos, in chronological order: August 16, 2010 - TV News Story featuring the day GCAA first opened its doors. Aug 16-17, 2010. Here's a video featuring a Collaborative Mural project led by guest Artist Ellie Balk On Sept 13, 2010, Theater Teacher Eric Conners sketched out his vision for the brand new school. April 10, 2011 - This video features a video-journalism class attended by select GCAA students in conjunction with PBS affiliate KETC. Saint Louis University produced this short documentary on April 15, 2011. It focused on both GCAA , as well as GCAA's collaboration with its sponsor, Saint Louis University. The end of GCAA's first full year featured an Arts Infusion in June, 2011. This GCAA promo video was published in September, 2011. About a week ago, GCAA 9th grader JuJu Vieth published the following slide show, featuring some of the high points from the 2011-2012 school year.