If you can read this headline, you are at the new GCAA website

Welcome to the new GCAA website.  Like many other aspects of GCAA, the original website suffered growing pains.  After a year of thinking, planning, designing and implementing the new site, it is now a reality. Thanks go to a small group of dedicated parents who have volunteered their time to help GCAA with this new site:  Mindy Carney, Erich Vieth and Debbie Heagle.  Many thanks to Nick Smith of nicksmithdesign.com (based in Decatur, Illinois), who temporarily turned his attention from his usual celebrity clientele to lend GCAA a big hand.  Big thanks also to Dan Rubright, Lynne Glickert and Laura Hoffman for their time and ideas. What does this new website offer?  Immense flexibility, for starters.  Rather than being a traditional hard-coded site, this WordPress site offers GCAA a stunning degree of control over the content of the entire site, including the Homepage.  Change will be a constant with this site. Notice the large promo article space toward the top right of the homepage.  This is where will will place our featured articles: big stories with big images.  This new website also allows for a steady stream of articles in blog style, several of them displayed on the lower left of the homepage, but all of them easily available.  We now have a robust calendar function and a carefully crafted site map that will be easily navigated through numerous cross-links.   You will never get lost at the new GCAA site, despite the immense amount of information that it will contain. The five large buttons on the home page lead to each of the four arts and to every other subject as well. Every GCAA teacher will have his or her own Page and Blog.  The Administration plans to recruit many people from the GCAA community, including teachers, parents and GCAA student-reporters, to contribute stories in the form of text, images and videos, all of it focused on the learning process and achievements of our GCAA students. We know you will enjoy seeing this new website fill with big batches of fresh new content week after week.  We invite you to explore the site immediately, with the knowledge that it will evolve into a site much larger and even more alive. Now that we have a beautiful new site, our quest will turn to filling it with a rich stream of stories about our amazing GCAA students.