High School begins at Grand Center Arts Academy

Grand Center Arts Academy is set to begin its third year in operation and second in it’s current building at 711 N. Grand Blvd in St. Louis. “When we started, I was selling air,” recalls Ms. Lynne Glickert, Principal of GCAA. "I had no building to show people, no students, no faculty-only an old parking garage and adjacent building, empty except for the pigeons. It’s incredible how far we’ve come. We are full of amazing, energetic and diverse students in a beautifully restored space. That old parking garage has been transformed into a state of the art school, filled with life, light and creative essence.” GCAA began two years ago by renting space in the Third Baptist Church while serving 6th and 7th grade students only. This year the school will serve grades 6-9, officially becoming a high school as well as a middle school. “Our 9th graders are really proud of being the first class of high school students. I think there is a real sense of being pioneers of a new frontier,” says Dan Rubright, Director of Arts and Community Partnerships, who has been with the school since its developing stages. “I remember getting our first students back in the summer of 2010, and literally walking the streets to hand out flyers to potential families and students. We now have well over 450 students and we’re growing rapidly. The timing of putting an arts school in this exact location just across the street from Powell Symphony Hall and close to so many other top tier organizations has been perfect for us- and transformative. The Grand Center area is thriving with new development and energy. This neighborhood has so much to offer, and we are taking it up on the offer. We are very grateful indeed.”